Here are the details for a standard installation:

  • A maximum of 10 meters of EV Ultra cable will be installed and secured to the wall, running between the consumer unit or electricity meter and the EV charger, at a height of up to 1.8 meters.
  • The EV charger will be mounted on a brick, plaster wall, or any other suitable permanent structure.
  • All electrical connections must be made at the point of origin of the power supply and the charging unit.
  • For the installation, you will require either a mini distribution unit or a type A RCD in a metal or IP rated dedicated consumer unit.
  • The installation will undergo full electrical testing and receive NAPIT Certification
  • You will also receive a comprehensive demonstration of the charge point’s functions

For installations that require more than the standard parameters mentioned above, such as distances exceeding 15 meters of cable or involving groundworks like trenching, we will provide you with a separate quote for the additional requirements.


At D.Jones Electrical, we strive to provide you with the finest EV and solar supply and installation experience. Throughout the entire process, we’ll take care of you every step of the way. Before the installation, we’ll assess your home or premises to ensure suitability and keep you well-informed about the fitting date and what to expect. During the installation, our skilled engineer will walk you through the functioning of your new EV charger point or solar system and help you connect to related apps.

While we aim to make the installation process seamless, we understand that there might be occasional issues afterward. In such cases, you need not worry, as we are just a phone call away. Whether you have questions, uncertainties, or face any challenges with the system, our support team is readily available to assist you. You can also reach out to the Support Team dedicated to your specific EV charge point for any matters related to apps, scheduling, charging interruptions, or other concerns.

To ensure your peace of mind, our domestic EV chargers come with a free 3-year warranty covering parts and labor. For workplace and commercial chargers, the warranty extends to 1 year, while solar systems and battery storage solutions are backed by a generous 15-year warranty.

Moreover, we offer comprehensive service and maintenance packages, as well as extended warranties, catering to both domestic and commercial charging products. Regular servicing is essential to ensure your EV charge points continue to function flawlessly, especially considering their frequent use. Our servicing and maintenance packages are designed to provide you with added reassurance and keep your chargers in optimal working condition. Learn more about these packages to discover how they can benefit you.


To ensure smooth electric vehicle charging and extend the lifespan of your EV charge point, regular service and maintenance are highly recommended. You can conveniently schedule an appointment for this purpose by clicking here.

Our services cater to both domestic and commercial clients, and our team of skilled technicians will handle the following tasks during each service:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive electrical safety check.
  2. Service the interior components of the charging unit.
  3. Perform a functional test of the unit to ensure proper operation.
  4. Check and update the firmware as needed.
  5. Test the switchgear for optimal performance.
  6. Inspect all parts, including the tethered cable, accounting for normal wear and tear.

For commercial EV chargers, we offer various Service Level Agreement (SLA) packages that include a 6-monthly check to meet your specific needs.

The cost for domestic EV charge point servicing is £110 plus VAT